How-Long-Does-Foundation-Repair-Last-1024x685.jpgThere are several factors that determine the strength and longevity of your home’s foundation. Environmental elements such as the type of soil, underground water tables, the type of foundation (concrete slab or pier and beam), weather conditions, erosion, soil expansion and contraction, invasive landscaping such as tree roots, and drastic weather changes can all affect the stability and integrity of your foundation. Other factors such as the weight of your home, the quality of construction, improper water drainage, and plumbing leaks can all have an effect on the structural integrity of your home’s foundation. Although a home’s age may be a factor, even newer homes can experience foundation problems.

Even though every home is different, and environmental factors to play a part, there are certain things to look for and ask of any foundation repair experts in Dallas to help determine how long your foundation repair will last.

We recommend looking for these elements:

  • Lifetime warranty on foundation repair
  • Good local reputation and BBB rating
  • Longevity

Older Homes and Foundation Issues

As mentioned above, when attempting to answer the question of how long does foundation repair last, the age of your home does not necessarily affect the quality of your foundation, and even new homes can experience trouble with their foundations. However, there are legitimate concerns with older homes and the integrity of their foundations. When a home has been sitting on its foundation decade after decade, there is an increased possibility of settling. As soil expands and contracts due to moisture changes, especially if the ground becomes saturated or drainage is poor, the foundation of an older home can shift, crack, or even sink in spots, resulting in the need to have foundation repair work performed. With the advent of new technology in the field of foundation repair, however, an older home can have a foundation that’s “good as new” or even better.

 Why Us?

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