The last thing any homeowner wants is to open the basement door and see water where the floor should be. A sump pump is an important tool to keep that nightmare from becoming a reality. Here are some of the ways this important tool can help you protect your foundation. After all, avoiding problems is always easier than fixing them.

1. Prevents Moisture from Saturating the Soil

Water in the soil around and under your foundation spells trouble. Moisture swells when the soil temperatures drop, and this frost heave presses against your home’s foundation. This can cause cracking and shifting.
High levels of water in the soil make your home more susceptible to flooding, if there is a large amount of rain or swift snow melt. Soil that is already saturated cannot absorb more water, which leaves it nowhere to flow but into your house.

2. Keeps Drywall and Flooring Intact

Removing water before it can damage drywall and flooring is more than just a cosmetic issue. These structures are an important line of defense against leaks into the home. If you can remove any water before it causes damage to these structures, you are maintaining another layer of your home’s protection.

3. Helps Prevent Mold Growth

Mold loves high moisture levels, and if there is standing water in your basement, mold will thrive. For people with allergies, this can cause serious problems. Immediately removing any water that has seeped into your basement will help keep mold growth from getting a foothold.

4. Adds to Your Home’s Value

An efficient, functioning sump pump tells home buyers that your house has the kind of protection it needs to be structurally stable. As a bonus for these home buyers, the protection it needs to stay that way is already in place. This kind of peace of mind is invaluable to any buyers interested in purchasing your property.
If you are interested in protecting your home with a sump pump, contact us at Advanced Foundation Repair. Our skilled professionals can show you the options that will work best to protect your home.