Gutters & Downspouts

Gutters and Downspouts

Advanced Seamless Gutters and Downspouts

Advanced offers the ideal solution for gutter problems in the Dallas area. Our gutters & downspouts are custom made for your building. Seamless means gutters are one piece from corner to corner. Furthermore, each corner is cut specifically to fit your home ensuring that your gutters will not only look great but will be less susceptible to leaking. Both the gutters and downspouts are made from rust free aluminum and are pre-painted in a variety of colors (see color chart below). The paint is baked-on enamel, guaranteed not to chip, crack, or peel. Ask about our leaf guards that help your gutters and downspouts open and free flowing.

Gutters and Foundation Repair

Gutters are used to move water away from a building’s foundation. This helps avoid house foundation problems in two ways.

  1. It reduces the swelling of soil and prevents erosion.
  2. Gutters effectively manage the water from your roof, possibly reducing the need for more costly foundation repair.

Color Chart

How Do I Know if I Need Gutters on Part or all of My Building?

Gutters only need to be installed where there are potential house foundation problems. To avoid gutter problems in Dallas, if the soil around your home consists of expansive clay soils, installing gutters around the entire house is a good idea. If water is pooling against your house, gutters are a good idea. While gutters will help, other drainage improvements might also be needed.

Does it Make a Difference How Water is Emptied From Gutters?

It makes a huge difference. Gutter problems in Dallas can result in house foundation problems. If the ground next to your foundation consists of expansive clay soils, large amounts of water pushed into the ground will cause soils to swell. This in turn pushes your building’s foundation up creating the need for foundation repairs. For homes on slopes, uncontrolled water running off of roofs or concentrated water running out of downspouts can cause erosion.

When soil is washed away from your foundation it is easier for the exposed soils under your foundation to dry out. This can result in rapid settlement. Also, if enough soil is lost, voids can form under your foundation, which will result in settlement.

Guttering and Erosion Control

If you have house foundation problems with erosion, especially on the down-slope side of your home, gutters are necessary. Luckily, gutter problems in Dallas can be controlled. There are two inexpensive ways to control erosion in conjunction with gutters. For flat home lots, splash blocks may be adequate. It is always better to run downspouts so they discharge at least 3 feet from the home. Home Depot and Lowes usually carry splash blocks in their garden centers. On sloped home lots, water from the gutters should be directed into buried pipes. These pipes carry water away from a house and should be solid, not perforated, and should move water to areas where it will drain away from your home. Ideally, water should be directed to a street or alley. If you are collecting water, it can be directed to a cistern or other storage tank.

Is There a Warranty?

The 5-Year Workmanship Warranty protects you against further gutter problems in Dallas. It guarantees that gutters and downspouts will stay secured to homes properly, gutters will drain properly (will not overflow), and gutters will not leak. Furthermore, the 20-Year Materials Warranty guarantees that the painted gutter coil and accessories installed will not chip, crack or peel, and the aluminum gutters will never rust.

How To’s and Tips?

Gutter Problems in Dallas? Check out our Gutter Cleaning Check List.


Gutter Downspout Drainage Systems


Homeowners see it every year: spring storms, flash floods and rapid downpours that transform homeowners’ yards into massive puddles. Days later feet still sink into muddy lawns. That standing water can wreck havoc on foundations, with expanding soils pushing against homes causing foundations to crack. Gutter downspout drainage systems can help by moving that standing water away from homes.


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