Warranty FAQ’s

Have a question about our Warranty?  You may find your answer here:

What is the procedure if I have a claim?

Warranty claims must be made through Advanced Foundation Repair’s Warranty Claims online form.

How does the warranty claim website work?
Once you have successfully completed the online form a warranty claims manager will contact you within 4 business days.
How long does it usually take to receive a response from the website?
4 business days from the date the online form is completed.
Do I have to pay when you come to inspect my home?
Yes, there is a $75.00 service call fee.
What if I would like someone to come inspect my home sooner than the first available date?
We offer an expedited inspection for an additional $75.00.
What am I paying for?
Trip charge and an in home survey.
What do I receive?
Warranty letter and a copy of our survey.
Who will be contacting and visiting me?
A representative from our warranty claims department will be in contact with you to setup and appointment and a qualified foundation technician will perform the in home survey.
Will Advanced disclose the information it collects to outside parties?

Please refer to Advanced Foundation Repair’s privacy policies.

Who determines if my warranty claim is valid?
After completion of the survey all claims are review by the warranty claims committee at the end of each week.
What if I need new work?

Our qualified technician will discuss these details during the visit. 

Estimator/warranty claims person may waive visit fee if new work is required?
Yes, this decision will be made by the warranty committee at their discretion.
Is my warranty automatically transferred?

No.  Please refer to your contract.  See the warranty transfer page to download the foundation warranty transfer form and get additional information.

Can my warranty be reinstated?

No.  But you may qualify to purchase a limited warranty.

How much does my house need to move before it qualifies?

Each house is unique and it will depend on the circumstance. 

Are hairline brick and sheet rock cracks normal in areas where foundation repair was performed?

Yes. Seasonal movement is the most common cause of minor sheet rock and brick damage. 

What is covered under my warranty?

Your warranty only includes adjustments of pilings installed by AFR.  Please refer to your original contract.  If you do not have a copy of your contract, one can be provided. 

Do I need to pay or have a visit to receive new copies of my contract and drawing?

Yes, $25.00.

If I have or suspect a plumbing problem should I get it tested, first?

Yes, our recommended plumbing company is Piper Plumbing.  They can be contacted at 214-467-9091.

Is seasonal movement covered by my warranty?


Will warranty adjustments make my cracks disappear?

No, not necessarily.  

Do I need to have my home inspected by AFR before selling/transferring my warranty?


How do I transfer my warranty?

See the warranty transfer page to download the foundation warranty transfer form and get additional information.

How do I determine if I need a warranty call?

Unusually large cracks or separation on the interior or exterior where work has been performed.

Do I need to have my home inspected annually to maintain my warranty?

You may if you wish.  Each visit will cost $75.00.

Does my warranty include repair to cosmetic damages?


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