Pro-Lift System

What is the Pro-Lift Steel Pile Foundation Repair System

Proven, Powerful, Permanent Pile Foundation Repair Solutions -Pro-Lift Steel Pile Foundation Repair System

Texas Foundation Warranty Trust approved, Pro-Lift Steel Pile Foundation Repair System – ensuring you get the highest quality repair and honoring contractor’s warranty beyond when your contractor ceases to do business.

Follow us through a job so you can see what the foundation repair process. Yes foundation repairs are a major event but prepare yourself. It eases worries, sets expectations and is a shining light at the end of the tunnel.


  • Hi I’m Fred Marshal with Advanced Foundation Repair.
  • Today I’m here today to talk to you about steel pilings.
  • A patented pro-lift foundation repair system includes numerous unique advantages.
  • Pro-lift steel pilings have one, two or three steel walls.
  • The number of walls depends on how heavy the building is and where the piling is located.
  • In special circumstances where there is an unusual potential for upward movement, each steel piling can be bound together with a tension steel cable.
  • The cable ties the bottom of the piling to the top and allows the lower portions of the piling to act as an anchor and to resist uplift.
  • For truly extraordinary situations steel pilings can be isolated from the active soils with flanged steel sections.
  • Each steel piling can be fitted with a variety of caps.
  • For standard loads a circular steel caps are used to support standard trapezoidal concrete blocks, while T caps are used to lift unusually heavy loads.
  • But circular caps and T-caps can both be fitted to accept most tension cables.
  • Finally each piling is filled with concrete grout.
  • The grout increases the load baring capacity to each piling and literally cements the sections together.
  • If you need foundation repair call the experts at Advanced Foundation Repair at 214-333-0003.

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