Water a Foundation

How to Water a Foundation

Watch the video and learn How to Water a Foundation

How to water a foundation, do it yourself, easy install demo for an irrigation foundation watering & soaker hose system. An ounce of maintenance definitely out weighs a pound of repair. By Advanced Foundation Repair, a Texas foundation specialist for repair, maintenance and Tella Firma foundation systems.

  • How to install a foundation watering system in for a home.
  • Easy to do with parts you can buy at your local hardware store for less than $50.00.
    • Two splitters.
    • One roll of Teflon take.
    • One Battery Operated Timer.
    • Two Soaker Hoses (either the rubber or flat hose).
  • Wrap Threads of Battery, hoses and splitters with Teflon take to reduce leaks.
  • Take one splitter and attach to spigot on house.
  • This allows you to run the soaker hoses and a separate hose system that you can use for other purposes. 5.
  • Turn one side of the splitter off and the other side on for the soaker hose system. 6. Screw the battery operated time onto the splitter. 7.
  • Attach the second splitter to the other side of the battery operated timer.
  • This will allow you to run two soaker hoses off of the timer at the same time. 8. Water pressure in soaker hoses will be highest closer to the spigot.
  • Keep hoses short, less than 50 feet.
  • Otherwise all the water will come out near the timer and not at the very end. 9.
  • Take a soaker hose and attach one each to the ends of the splitter. 10.
  • Stretch the soaker hoses out along the ground about 6 inches from the house. 11.
  • Bury soaker hoses 2 inches deep, cutting down on evaporation and run off. 12.
  • Turn the battery operated time on and you are ready to go. 13.
  • The goal is to keep soil under the house down to about 5 feet at a constant water content.
  • Run the soaker hoses more when it is dry. During a really host dry summer you may have to run them 2 hours a day.
  • When it is wet and raining you don’t have to run them at all.
  • It is possible to damage your home by putting too much water down. 14.
  • If you are running soaker hoses and continue to see movement, call the experts and Advanced Foundation Repair. 15.
  • Be observant, be careful, conserve water, can give us a call if you need our help at 214-333-0003.

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