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Home Foundation Warranty & the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust

How a Home Foundation Warranty is important


Hi I’m Fred Marshall, the owner of Advanced Foundation Repair.
I’m here today to talk to you about our home foundation repair warranty.
This is the Advanced Pro-Lift transferable lifetime warranty.
It can be transferred from owner to owner for the lifetime of your home.
Now anybody can offer a lifetime warranty but how many companies will really be there for you 20 or 30 years from now?
How many times have your heard the story “I had a lifetime warranty but when I called the phone was disconnected.”
Many of the foundation repair companies that were listed in the yellow pages are gone now.
On average they were in business for 4 1/2 years. Not much of a life time.
To protect you, Advanced stands behind the performance of it’s Pro-Lift pilings for the lifetime of your home and the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust stands behind every warranty issued by Advanced.
Think of the trust as a prepaid insurance policy that provides additional protection for your warranty regardless of what happens to the company that issued it.
For companies that not backed by the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust, their warranty is only as good as their promise.
Advanced offers you a century of proven service with the most modern technology, all of the benefits of the patented Pro-Lift Foundation Repair System, the security of the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust, and commitment from a dedicated team of professionals.
For expert help, call the professionals at Advanced Foundation Repair at 214-333-0003.

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