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Foundation Repair What to Expect

Follow us through a job so you can see what the foundation repair process. Yes foundation repairs are a major event but prepare yourself. It eases worries, sets expectations and is a shining light at the end of the tunnel.  


Are you having foundation problems? Worried about the process and what it entails? Advanced Foundation Repair has prepared a step by step walk through to help ease your worries and prepare you for what to expect.
Join us as walk through giving this North Texas home a full lift.

This home is 4800 square feet and needs free board of six plus inches. “Free board” refers to lifting the entire house to a level condition, then  lifting it an additional amount to protect it from future soil movement from negatively impacting the foundation in the future.

Several steps are being taken to properly prepare the house for a full lift.
First, columns known as “pilings” are placed underground around the entire outer edge of the foundation.
Second, tunnels are dug underneath the home to allow access to all interior foundation beams.
The final step requires the pilings to be placed every 8 to 10 feet under each interior foundation beam and around the perimeter.

When the house is lifted, everything next to the house is lifted also. For example, air conditioning units. Lifting the pad that the AC unit rests on during the preparation stage allows the AC units and connections to move freely during the lift.

Areas of asphalt or concrete like garages and driveways sometimes require a “breakout” before the lift can occur. A “breakout” refers to breaking out the solid surface to expose the foundation beams.

Prior to lifting, the plumbing is exposed as there are often plumbing repairs required with a significant foundation lift.
Gas and electric are also exposed prior to the lifting process to help avoid damage.

Remember the tunnels that were dug? After everything is prepared, technicians use them to access each piling under the home.

They place hydraulic jacks on the pilings, under the foundation to lift the home to the correct level.

Support cylinders are placed under the foundation and shimmed to the proper height.

Once the lift is completed, the landscaping and AC connections are put back in proper order and breakouts and plumbing are repaired.

We hope this walk through leaves you with a better understanding of the foundation repair process and what to expect. The initial process can be chaotic. Remember that once the lift is done, order is restored, leaving the home resting on a firm foundation.

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