Steel & Cement Pile

Steel & Cement Pile Foundation Repair Method

Watch the Steel & Cement Pile Foundation Repair Video

See how a steel & cement pile foundation repair method works. Double steel rods reinforced with cement piles are built for extreme pressure. Hydraulics are used to push the cement piles into the ground.


HI I’m Fred Marshall with Advanced Foundation repair.
I’m here to today to talk to you about concrete pilings.
The patented Pro-lift foundation repair system has numerous unique advantages.
The sections of each concrete pilling are connected to each other with two grade 40 steel bars.
The pilings with no connectors or with flexible cable connectors are easily bent or deflected.
To provide additional strength the bars are cemented into place as they are installed.
Cementing the connecting bars to the pilling allows the lower portions of each pilling to act as an anchor that helps to resist uplift.
Using two steel bars doubles the reinforcing effect of the steel.
Concrete pilings are installed using simple but powerful hydraulic equipment to push each section into the ground.
Once the pilings will not go any deeper it’s time to stop adding pilling sections.
Because concrete pilings are 6 inches in diameter and have rough surfaces they take a lot of pressure to install.
Concrete pilings work best in deep soft wet clay soils.
If you think you have foundation problems or need pilings call the experts at advanced foundation repair (214)333-0003.

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