Gutter Downspout Video

Watch gutter downspout drainage system video to see how these handy tools help homeowners.

Homeowners see it every year: spring storms, flash floods and rapid downspouts that transform homeowners’ yards into massive puddles. Days later feet still sink into muddy lawns. That standing water can wreck havoc on foundations, with expanding soils pushing against homes causing foundations to crack. Gutter downspout drainage systems can help by moving that standing water away from homes.


I’m Fred Marshall with Advanced Foundation Repair.
I’m here to talk to you about gutters and downspouts.
Gutters and downspouts are not necessary for all homes.
Normally we put gutters where runoff from a roof is a problem.
As an example most homes have gutters over their front doors.
As long as water does not stand around your home, drains away after an hour of rain stopping and runoff from your roof is not causing erosion, gutters are optional.
If you have steeply sloped land around your home, erosion maybe a problem and you should consider gutters.
If you do have gutters or are get gutters installed, make certain that the downspouts have curved sections called diverters at the end and the downspouts discharge onto splash blocks.
Diverter’s direct water away from your foundation and splash blocks spread the water out and reduces erosion.
At the same time during prolonged wet periods down spouts that discharge directly against a foundation can push water into the ground causing the ground to swell and lifting a home.
Remember the goal is to get the water away from you home.
A final piece of advice, do not connect gutters and downspouts to French drains.
French drains are designed to get rid of ground water.
If you flood your French drain with runoff you can actually force water into the ground and cause problems.
To make problem rain go down the drain, call the professionals at Advanced Foundation Repair. 214-333-0003.

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