Gutter Repair Prevent Foundation DamageDo you need gutters added to your home to fix or prevent foundation damage?  You need gutter repair if you have:

  1. Poor drainage.
  2. Erosion cause by runoff from your roof.



Fun Facts: A rain of only ¼ of an inch will shed 4 inches of water off of the edge of a typical roof. A moderate rain of ¾ of an inch will pour a foot of water off of the edge of your roof! 

Poor drainage is when, within 10 feet of your foundation, water stands around your house for more than an hour after a rain.  Or, poor drainage is when the ground around your house stays swampy for days after a rain.  When you have poor drainage, expansive clay soils under your home will be soaking up extra water.  As expansive soils absorb water, they swell up.  Swelling soils can easily lift your foundation. Advanced Foundation Repair provides superior gutter repair in Dallas to stop drainage from damaging your foundation.

The problem with roofs is they amplify the affect of rainfall.  Roofs dump too much water in one place at one time.  If you have poor drainage, runoff from your roof can make the problem worse.

Too much water at one time can also cause erosion.  As water pours off of your roof, it can wash soils away.  In extreme cases, so much soil gets washed away, that the bottom of your foundation is exposed.

The soil around the side of your foundation helps to keep the soil under your foundation damp.  Once the bottom of your foundation is exposed, water loss accelerates.  A drying soil shrinks.  When your soil shrinks, your foundation sinks!

If you have gutters and good drainage, it is best to discharge water onto splash blocks.  If you have gutters and poor drainage or problems with erosion, it is best to connect your downspouts to underground drain lines.  The drain lines should be directed to the street.  Never connect downspouts to perforated drain lines, only to solid lines.

If you have drainage problems, call Advanced Foundation Repair before you need foundation repair. Our gutter repair in Dallas is the best option to keep your foundation secure.  Read more about our foundation repair services here.