Five Foundation Repair Questions to Ask When Buying a HomeBuying a home can be an exciting yet complicated process. Prospective homeowners should ask an assortment of important questions about their possible purchase, including questions about the condition of the home’s structural foundation. By identifying serious problems with the foundation prior to purchase of a home or business, the buyer can save significant amounts of money, time and additional stress. That said, before you get excited about your new potential investment, be sure you’re asking the right questions.

5 Vital Foundation Repair Questions

While there are many possible questions to ask, the following set of queries can shed light on a wide variety of problematic conditions.

  1. Has the existing foundation been repaired before?

Purchasing a home or other structures with foundation damage can be risky business. As such, it behooves prospective property owners to find out whether the foundation in question has received repairs in the past. While they may not have access to the information from a previous owner, prospective buyers can employ the services of professional foundation inspector who can assess the current condition of the foundation.

  1. If the foundation has been repaired, does it come with a lifetime transferable warranty?

While many foundation repair companies offer limited lifetime warranties, some foundation repair companies offer full lifetime warranties with their services. A full lifetime warranty can provide peace of mind for the area that was repaired. In addition, some of warranties are transferable from owner to owner. Thus, prospective home or business buyers should ascertain whether or not their target properties have a warranty-protected foundation from a top rated company.

  1. Are there visible signs of damage?

While many foundation issues are not visible to the naked eye, those who look for certain common clues can often spot little-known foundation issues. For example, houses that have uneven floors, windows and doors that are hard to open, or cracks in the walls may be experiencing foundation issues. In either case, foundation inspectors can save the day by completing an analysis of the property and providing you with a professional report detailing any needed repairs.

  1. Is there adequate drainage?

No matter what type of foundation is in use, proper drainage is an important feature. Homes that lack well-designed drainage run the risk of moisture accumulation around the foundation. Such accumulations can cause a variety of problems over time that include heaving and a variety of structural damages. The good news, competent and well-trained foundation experts can perform careful surveys and provide homeowners with appropriate drainage recommendations for the property.

  1. Are homes with repaired foundations off limits?

In north Texas, you will inevitably run into properties that have received foundation repairs in the past. It is often safe to consider foundations that have had re-leveling work done and currently show no signs of significant movement. The more time that has passed since the repair, the better.

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