Foundation Drainage

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Advanced Foundation Drainage Systems

Foundation drainage services refers to any system designed to divert or direct water away from a foundation.  Such drainage includes systems installed outside the edge of foundations as well as systems that are installed under foundations. Learn how Advanced can help with home foundation drainage… continue >>

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing Membranes Moisture Barriers

Moisture barriers hinder or stop moisture from moving from one place to another. Used through-out construction, theys come in various forms: moisture barrier film, moisture barrier plastic, or concrete moisture barrier. Don’t confuse a foundation waterproofing membrane moisture barrier with concrete vapor barriers… continue >>

Concrete Foundation Waterproofing & How to Stop the Source

Concrete foundation waterproofing can be a band aid that hides bigger issues. Find and fix the water source. In the long run this will be a longer lasting solution not to mention a much drier one. Bad smells, molding, peeling paint, wet carpet, unexplained moisture on tile and spotted walls are signs of moisture leaking through the foundation. Why is there water under and around your home foundation? … continue >>

Gutter Cleaning Creative Fathers Day Gift

Gutter Cleaning, a surprisingly welcomed gift. Standard Father’s Day gifts such as another tie or aftershave may get pricey. Dad’s will sing the praises of whomever does their chores such as gutter cleaning. Where do to start? Take advantage of the coolest part of the day preferably do this in the morning as early as the light will allow. Pick a day with little to no wind, no rain and definitely no lightning… continue >>

Gutter Downspout Drainage System Tips

Homeowners walk through gutter downspout drainage system how to’s and tips. Be ready for spring storms, flash floods and rapid downpours that transform yards into massive puddles.  Divert water away from foundations with Gutter downspout drainage systems which help move standing water away from homes… continue >>

How to Install a Foundation Drainage Swale – Design & Tips

Learn about installing a foundation drainage swale. See how swales help foundations. Often over looked and under used, drainage swales are simple and inexpensive foundation maintenance options that Advanced Foundation Repair, a foundation repair company in located in Dallas Texas, often recommends… continue >>

Install French Drain Foundation Drainage Systems to Help Prevent Foundation Problems

Learn about how to install foundation drainage systems. Prepare for spring rains. Now is the time to review the drainage around the foundation since proper foundation drainage helps prevent foundation problems. Cracked foundations are costly to fix while foundation drainage is a cheap and easy way to prevent foundation problems… continue >>

Install a Foundation French Drain DIY Video

Installing a Foundation French Drain System is simple. Pickup supplies at any local hardware store. Moving water away from a home’s foundation is a critical foundation maintenance step so follow the video and learn the basics on what you need, what to do and what to avoid… continue >>

How to Divert Water Away from Foundations with Retaining Walls

Learn how retaining walls divert water away from foundations so that you control erosion, runoff and silt accumulation. Reroute the neighbor’s runoff rivers. Slow down silt accumulation. Keep water from washing away landscaping dirt. Before building a retaining wall, understand the basics in their proper design… continue >>

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