Drainage Swale Design Video

Drainage Swale Design Video

Drainage Swale Design for Foundations

Drainage swale design – often the easiest foundation drainage system to install, is virtually maintenance free, blending in with grass and easy to mow. Here are a few drainage swale design tips for DIY homeowners looking to install a drainage swale.


  • Hi I’m Fred Marshall with Advanced Foundation Repair.
  • I’m here to today to talk to you about drainage swale design for foundations.
  • Most lots are drained with swales.
  • Swales are just a fancy term for wide shallow ditch that is designed to carry away run off water from rain, sprinklers, and so on.
  • Swales should drop a minimum of 1 inch every 10 feet, but I recommend 2 inches.
  • But any less, slopes swales just do not work as well as they should.
  • Most swales are wide and shallow like these.
  • Swales should direct water to streets, drains or other channels that allow water to pull away from a home.
  • Swales that end in water traps do no good.
  • Swales are functioning properly if, one hour after the rain stops, there is no water standing in the swale.
  • Even the best grated swale is no good if it’s blocked.
  • The builder grated your lot to give you proper drainage and it is important not to alter the drainage in any way that traps water by your foundation.
  • If you need drainage work call the experts at advanced foundation repair at 214-333-0003.

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