When building a home or other type of structure, the foundation type used is based on the soil in the area and what type of foundation will work best with that type of soil. Along with the local climate and soil conditions, the design of the house being built, and the construction budget also play a role. Most home builders choose simple, cost-effective foundations that last a long time. Foundations in Dallas, TX are most often one of two types – poured concrete slab and pier and beam.


Poured Concrete Slab Foundations

slab foundationThis type of foundation is very common in Texas and other southern states where the frost depth is shallow. A concrete pad is poured into a prepared area and strengthened with rebar reinforcement. This type of foundation is also called a slab on grade foundation. Types of slab on grade foundations include floating, supported, monolithic, and post-tension slabs. This foundation style is simple and quick to produce, provides a solid base for the house to rest upon, is less expensive than other foundation types, and offers good protection against termite infestation. Plumbing is encased in the concrete and could be damaged in the event of foundation settlements and cracks.


Pier & Beam Foundations

This is one of the oldest foundation types used in residential construction. It is not built directly on the ground like a concrete slab foundation. These foundations are elevated above the ground, creating a small crawl space surrounded by short foundation walls. Girder beams supported by piers provide a solid surface for the house to rest upon. The crawl space offers the homeowner convenient access to plumbing pipes and electrical wiring, making repair and/ or replacement much less complicated than with a poured concrete foundation. However, because pipes are exposed to moving air, they can freeze in extremely cold winter weather if not insulated properly. If the crawl space is not ventilated excess moisture can collect, causing mold and potentially rotting floor supports. As with any crawl space, pests can take up residence and possibly find access to the home through gaps or vents.


Why Us?

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