Common Crawl Space Issues That Affect Your FoundationWhen building or buying a pier and beam home, it’s easy to overlook the crawlspace; after all, nobody wants to go down there! But the health of your foundation could depend on what’s going on in that unseen space you’d rather not think about. Foundations in Dallas are most often either poured concrete slab or pier and beam foundations, both of which can be affected by weather. The extreme weather conditions in Texas can change from flooding to drought, extreme heat, then cold. These extremes in temperature and humidity levels can result in multiple problems that can seriously jeopardize the stability of your foundation.

 Common Crawl Space Issues That Affect Your Pier And Beam Foundation

Taking care of your crawl space is important to prevent the following:

  • Can cause wood rot, especially in older homes, as well as soil expansion and/ or contraction and settling issues. Because modern crawl spaces are usually properly ventilated, they are relatively safe from rot, but in older homes undetected and untreated wood rot could cause your foundation to collapse. Both excessive moisture and fungus can cause rot. If your home is located in one of the drier areas of Texas, you won’t need to worry too much about excessive moisture and the damage it can do to your foundation. However, fungus doesn’t require moisture to grow, so it can affect any home’s crawl space. Dry rot fungus eats away at the structure of your crawl space which can start to buckle and collapse after just a few years. Dry rot can attack crawl spaces, wood beams, floor joists, and even girders in your home. To prevent water damage rot in your crawl space simply eliminate excessive moisture by assuring proper drainage, assuring vents are open. Extreme cases call for installation of a heavy-duty vapor barrier and de-humidifier. A vapor barrier can reduce greatly the amount of water or moisture that can enter your crawlspace. These barriers help protect your crawl space against mold, allergens, fungus, and even radon, and can also help with energy savings. To battle dry rot in your crawl space you will need an expert to remove the fungus and reinforce or replace the weakened areas.
  • Extreme cold. Your home’s pipes can rupture and burst in the cold if not properly insulated and maintained. Parts of Texas can experience extreme cold, and if your crawlspace isn’t constructed properly or your pipes aren’t insulated, they could freeze and burst, causing thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs. The crawl space offers homeowners easy access to plumbing and electrical wiring for repair or replacement, but because pipes are exposed to moving air, they can freeze in extremely cold winter weather if not insulated properly.
  • House settling. The expansion and contraction of soil can cause your foundation to shift due to sitting on an uneven surface. This shifting and settling can cause damage to your foundation and the structure of your home.
  • Bugs, Rodents and Termites. Critters like dark, damp spaces, and if they’re looking for a place to hide from extreme temperatures, your crawl space could be just the hideaway they’re searching for. Rodents, termites, and other pests can move in and may find access to the interior of your home through gaps or vents.

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