finance foundation repairHome foundation repair can be an expensive endeavor. There are several methods of financing available to you. Make sure you use a reputable foundation repair company that offers a comprehensive warranty for their work before you sign any contracts.



Here are a few suggestions on where to find financial assistance for foundation repair:

  • Ask About a home equity loan or home improvement line of credit. These are very common methods of financing home repairs, if you have enough equity built up in your home to borrow against. A quick conversation with your banker will answer this question.
  • Apply for an personal loan. Your foundation repair company may offer convenient plans to finance the foundation repair you need. If you have to go this route, be sure to check your credit file for errors and get them cleared up before you apply for a loan, to give yourself the best chance of qualifying for a low interest loan.
  • Review your Home Insurance Policy. Start with your homeowner’s policy; you may be able to make a claim to cover the cost of the damage to your foundation if it was caused by burst pipes or another issue that originated from within your home. Your insurance provider will be able to tell you if your policy will cover the cost of your foundation repair.
  • Look into Grants or Home Improvement Programs. Check to see if you are eligible for any government assistance programs such as Housing and Urban Development, Department of Agriculture, or State programs. Inquire about any special local grants or low-cost loans to help finance foundation repairs.


Why Advanced Foundation Repair?

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