Can a Patio or Deck Cause Foundation Damage?Having an enjoyable and functional outdoor living space is beneficial to your home’s value, and important to Dallas living. Residents enjoy the ability to be outdoors for many months of the year, and many homeowners build decks and patios to accommodate the outdoor activities their families and loved ones enjoy. Decks and patios are attractive and practical additions to a home, but it is important to understand that a large deck or patio can adversely affect your foundation. Improper water drainage can damage your foundation if the slope or pitch of a deck or patio causes water to drain toward rather than away from the house. All water drainage and downspouts should be directed away from the home to protect your foundation from heaving up. If your deck has an overhang, there should be gutters and downspouts on the overhang guiding water away from the house.

Is Your Patio or Deck Separating from Your House?

If areas around your home have pooling water after a heavy rain, it’s a good sign that you have a drainage problem. A clogged drainage system could be the problem if your patio or yard was draining well after a heavy rain but now seems to collect water. Debris can collect in drainage channels and cause a blockage, resulting in pooling water. If your patio or deck is separating from your house, it could be caused by slope failure triggered by gradual movement of a retainer wall as the soil behind it begins to shift, or an unstable hillside at the back of the house.


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