What Should Foundation Repair Cost?

Fun Facts: The most costly foundation repair in US history is likely to be the Millennium tower in San Francisco, with a cost of over $250,000,000.The average residential foundation repair costs about $7,000. The average repair will cover from 12 to 14 pilings and...

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Cracks on the Corners of Foundations

Foundation Cracks on Corners of Homes Fun Facts: As concrete hardens (or as the engineers say, cures) it shrinks and cracks, as a result, all concrete has cracks in it. One of the most common forms of foundation cracks is the cracks that occur on the tops of the...

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The French Drain System and Foundation Repair

Fun Fact: The French drain system is named after Henry Flagg French, who published a book on farm drainage in 1859. Most of the time when a foundation moves it is because the soil under the foundation is moving.  Most soil movement is caused by changing water content...

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About Home Warranty Foundation Repair

About Home Warranty Foundation Repair Fun Fact: A study of North Texas foundation repair companies found that their average life was only 4.5 years. Remember, you get what you pay for. If a company lasts only 4.5 years, then your lifetime warranty is for the life of...

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Pier and Beam Foundation Repair and Drainage

Fun Fact:  It costs more to build a pier and beam foundation than a slab foundation.    Pier and beam homes are homes with wooden floors and a space between the floor and the ground.   Unlike slabs, which sit on the ground, pier and beam homes can get standing water...

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