Advantages of French DrainOne issue many homeowners face is poor drainage on their property. Improper or insufficient drainage can lead to flooding, foundation damage, weakened tree root systems, and a host of other difficulties. If you have a drainage problem and it continues over time, you could be looking at some very costly property damage. French drains can help mitigate many of these issues for property owners, saving you thousands of dollars. A French drain system can be of immense benefit in solving a wide variety of foundation repair problems.Content

What is a French drain?

A French drain, which is also known as a “sub-drain”, is so called because the inventor’s last name was French, not because this type of drain was invented in France. This type of drain was reportedly first used in agricultural settings prior to the development of perforated plastic pipe.

What is the function of a French drain?

Unlike area drains that are responsible for collecting surface water, a French drain collects water below the surface and moves it from one point to another. With regard to a residential property with drainage issues, a French drain can handle excessive moisture from foundation soil and protect your home’s foundation from excess ground water that can cause moisture-related problems such as basement flooding, expanding soils that put too much pressure on a foundation causing bowing, cracking, and foundation weakening.

How do I know if I need a French drain?

If you are experiencing water drainage issues on your property, especially near your house, this drainage system is an extremely effective way to help get rid of the excess water. If you have noticed changes in the appearance of your home’s foundation, if your lawn is saturated on a regular basis, you notice muddy areas, you have excess water that needs to be safely removed.

 What are some other benefits of a French drain?

Does your yard contain a retaining wall built into a hillside? Installation of a French drain on your property can also help protect the structure of an existing retaining wall by reducing the lateral load and hydrostatic pressure placed on the wall. This type of drain will also help prevent your lawn from becoming waterlogged and soggy, which can make growing a healthy green lawn difficult. An additional benefit of this type of drain is its ability to keep the crawl space beneath a pier and beam home drier, preventing excess moisture that can lead to mold, insects, rotting wood, and other problems.

It is always in your best interest to have a professional foundation company assess your water drainage issues to determine if moisture is causing your foundation problems, and if so, if a French drain may be the best approach to take to remedy the situation. A professional foundation repair company like Advanced Foundation Repair can spot potential foundation issues before they become major problems and provide you with an affordable solution. No one matches our lifetime transferable warranty or friendly customer service. Contact us today at 214-333-0003 for a free consultation and let us see if a French drain is the answer to your drainage problems.