Area Drains in Dallas

Area Drains in DallasWhat Are Area Drains?

Area drains are catch basins with buried pipes that collect surface water and route it to another area. A key difference between a French drain and an area drain is the buried pipe. Area drain pipes are solid, whereas French drain pipes are perforated.

When Does Advanced Recommend an Area Drain Installation?

Area drains are very useful in removing excess surface water that accumulates during heavy rains. Water can be collected from guttered downspouts and sloped surface areas. The water may be from excess rainfall or over-irrigation. Open drains are advantageous for removing large volumes of surface water.

How Long Do Area Drains Last?

Properly installed area drains can last for generations providing the catch basins are properly maintained and kept clear of debris. The grill that covers a catch basin is all that is seen on the surface and can easily be replaced if damaged.

How Does Advanced Install Them?

How to: Area Drain Installation

Although it may appear simple to install a foundation area drain in Dallas, too often they are installed incorrectly. The supplies can be found at any local hardware store. Foundation area drains can be a very effective way for draining surface water away from a foundation.

Advanced Foundation Repair starts by digging a trench and grading it so the bottom is flat and evenly sloped. Next, we lay the pipe and set the catch basins. The output of the pipe is routed either through the curve or another convenient area with enough slope to draw water down and away from the pipe.

Advanced Foundation Repair’s area drains in Dallas can work with gravity if a sufficient slope is available. When an adequate slope is not available, we can install a sump pump to drive water up and away from the source. In addition to catch basins, area drains can be connected to downspouts to rid the area of surface water since the purpose of an area drain is to get rid of surface water.

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