Under Slab Tunneling

Under Slab Tunneling

What is under slab tunneling used for?

Under slab tunneling is used to gain access to the interior of your home, without having to break a hole in your floor.  Nice!  Generally, tunnels are as long as needed to reach under your home, and measure 3 feet by 3 feet in cross section.  

What are the advantages of tunnels?

Tunnels enable Advanced Foundation Repair to reach the parts of your foundation that are under the interior of your home, without having to come inside of your home.  Tunnels avoid the need to break holes through your slab, to tear out carpet, to cut through wood or tile floors, or to otherwise invade your home. When your home is lifted, with tunnels, you can stay in your home, you do not need to remove furniture, or to move out of your home.  Advanced has lifted homes over 12 inches while the owners remained inside!

What happens to tunnels under my home after my house is lifted?

Generally, your tunnels are connected to a drainage system used to keep water from accumulating under your home.  In some cases, your tunnels will be connected to a gravity drain, in others, to a sump pump. Tunnels should be left unfilled to facilitate any future plumbing repairs (after all having gone through the expense of digging tunnels, you might as well get full advantage of them) or foundation warranty work.

 What happens if the tunnels collapse?

Tunnels are dug to allow pilings to be installed.  Pilings are used to hold up your foundation.  Once pilings are installed, your home is no longer sitting on the soil.  It is simple, since the pilings are holding up your home, it does not matter if the walls of your tunnels crumble.

 How do you dig tunnels?

The old fashioned way, we dig your tunnels by hand.  This is extremely difficult work, but is worth the effort.

 What do the tunnels cost?

Tunnels typically cost about $165.00 per foot to dig and drain.

Under Slab Tunneling  vs Cutting Slabs for Foundation Repair

How-to websites and blogs are full of questions on whether to tunnel under a house or cut slabs for plumbing and slab foundation repairs. Some are tunnel only advocates while others push the slab cutting alternative. There is no one size fits all regarding tunneling under a house or cutting through concrete slabs. Each slab repair situation is different and needs to be evaluated on its own.

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