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Foundation Repair

Why Choose Advanced Foundation Repair?

Not sure if you need foundation repair services? Do you have concrete foundation slab problems: cracked slabs, vertical cracks, leaks, heaving?

Most foundation repair companies only have experience working on single family residential structures. Advanced also successfully repairs and supports a wide variety of commercial and industrial structures. We work with commercial property owners and managers, clearly explaining the repair process and expected results.

Our record of success speaks for itself. As a recognized foundation repair leader, we provide a superior warranty with the financial strength to continue support the warranty into the future.

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What Foundation Repair Methods do We Use?

Additional Information

What is Soil Injection Foundation Repair and How it Works

What is Soil Injection? Why use Soil Injection for foundation repair? Advanced walks you through their soil injection system, showing you how it is an environmentally friendly and non-invasive way to manage expansive soils under your foundation.

Commercial Repair Examples

This includes underpinning the foundation under the bottling machine at soft drink bottler, supporting the slabs under hoppers and mixing equipment for concrete plants, and underpinning tilt wall panels up to 30 feet tall.

Advanced has also lifted a 10,000 square foot church, including the 4 story steeple, a mausoleum, a 20 foot tall statue in the Houston arts district. Advanced can devise cost effective solutions. In one case, Advanced was asked to provide a repair plan on a suspended structural steel foundation. The cost to cut out and replace the existing drilled piers, would have approached $1,000,000. Advanced designed a plan to cut off the existing piers and mount screw jacks on top of the piers. The building, which had been heaving, was successfully lowered into a level position, using the existing supports, at a cost of less than $200,000.


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