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Dallas Foundation Repair Contractors

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Corporate Office:
1800 Rocky Canyon Road  – Arlington, TX 76012

Dallas Corporate Office
Advanced Foundation Repair
5601 W. Jefferson Blvd
Dallas, Texas 75211
Dallas Metro 214-333-0003
Fort Worth Metro 817-429-4658
Toll Free 800-405-8880
Fax 214-337-8400
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Dallas Real Estate Division
Arch Foundation Repair
5504 W. Davis Blvd
Dallas, Texas 75211
Phone 214-467-9700
Fax 214-467-2616
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Fox Foundation Repair
5506 W. Davis Blvd
Dallas, Texas 75211
Phone 214-352-9427
Fax 214-467-2616
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Dallas foundation repair Contractors need to understand the DFW region and its needs. The Texas Dallas / Fort Worth Metro covers a wide region. It is unique because of the area’s regional rain fall and soils. The listed Dallas foundation repair contractors understand the high shrink-swell potential of the soils found in the DFW area and how they interact with the DFW seasonal changes.
Advanced Foundation Repair successfully repairs and supports a wide variety buildings. From residential and commercial to industrial structures, they devised cost effective solutions. Each solution fits both DFW’s regional needs and each buildings particular foundation repair issues.
Arch Foundation Repair’s dedicated foundation repair specialists brings real estate agents customized solutions. Get foundation maintenance plans, general and slab foundation repair solutions, and a warranty. Repairs come with a lifetime transferable foundation repair warranty backed by the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust.  


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