DIY Water Leak Detection Test Demo Video

Water leak detection test – simple step by step water leak detection check anyone can do with leak detector equipment found at any hardware store.


HI I’m Fred Marshal with Advanced Foundation Repair and I’m here today to talk to you about leak tests.

A leak test does not locate leaks.

It just tells you whether or not you have a leak.

Leak tests are normally performed after a foundation has been lifted to see if the lifting has caused any leaks.

To test for leaks it is first necessary to locate the sewer clean outs.

Normally sewer clean outs look like this.

You have a screw on cap or a clamped on rubber cap.

To test for leaks a sewer balloon such as this is pushed down into the sewer system then inflated with a pump.

Next the sewer is filled to the level of the pipe with water.

If the water level in the pipe falls after the pipe has been blocked off at the main, that means there is a leak in the sewer system.

Sometimes it is necessary to pull a toilet and fill the sewer from inside of the house.

Again if the water level falls there is a leak.

To test for leaking water lines a pressure gage such as this is screwed onto a tap.

The house is checked to make certain there is no dripping or leaking fixtures.

The water is turned off at the meter.

If the pressure holds in the gage then there is no leak in the system.

If the pressure falls, there is a leak in the system.

A leak test does not tell you where the leak is, only that there is a leak.

The next step is to have any leaks located and repaired.

Remember leaking sewer or water lines can cause serious damage to your foundation.

So get your leaks fixed.

If you think you have leaking sewers, call the professional plumbers at Halshall Plumbing, 214 467-9091.