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SlabTek™ Foundation Construction System – New Concrete Slab Construction

Advanced Foundation Repair, LP uses the proven SlabTektm foundation system to lower builders’ new slab construction costs, and virtually eliminate the need for foundation repairs.

If you are looking to eliminate the need for foundation repairs, the best solution used to be a suspended slab. Unfortunately costs of the extra components (carton forms, drilled piers, and extra beams) makes the approach too expensive.

Now you can have a suspended slab at a greatly reduced cost! Call or contact Advanced to get details or download the brochure.

SlabTek can utilize drilled concrete piers or engineered helical piers and require fewer piers than traditional suspended slabs.

For concrete slabs built on expansive soils, soils that require water injection, chemical treatment or require the use of piers, SlabTek’s engineered slab foundation solution uses fewer materials and less labor. No interior beams are needed, only a shallow perimeter beam is required. This saves labor and materials. Chemical treatments and water injection can be eliminated. Fewer piers are required than for a conventional concrete slab. New slabs are poured on top of the ground, and no carton forms are needed. Once a slab is poured, Advanced uses SlabTek mechanisms embedded in the slab, and located over the piers, to lift the slab and create a void. Heaving and settling soils no longer affect the slab, and future foundation repairs are virtually eliminated!