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Additional Foundation Services

Learn about our additional foundation services.

Our additional foundation services help foundations in a different ways. From the beginning to existing foundations, each provides additional layers to maintain a foundation.

New Slab Construction
Learn about how the Tella Firma foundation system lowers builders’ new slab construction costs while virtually eliminating the need for foundation repairs. Concerned about foundation repairs?  A suspended slab greatly reduced cost now and in the future!
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Tunnels gain access to the interior of your home without breaking a hole in your floor. Nice! Generally, tunnels are as long as needed to reach under your home, and measure 3 feet by 3 feet in cross section. Find out if under slab Tunneling may be the solution for you.
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French Drains
These drains remove water that is accumulating below the surface.
French drains excell at collecting water that accumulates in marshy or boggy areas which formed by over watering or poor drainage.
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Root Barriers
Some Root barriers are solid objects, sheets of material, zones of chemically treated soil (typically, the chemicals come in the form of pellets attached to a fabric) or any other barrier that keeps roots from growing into unwanted areas.
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A swale is simply a shallow ditch carrying off water.
Foundation Swales help drainage around your home.
They are often so wide and so shallow that you do not notice them.
Move extra water away from your foundation.
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Our custom made gutters fit your building. One peice seamless gutters go from from corner to corner. Corners specifically fit your home making them less susceptible to leaking.
We use pre-painted rust free aluminum for our gutters and downspouts. Select from a variety of colors.
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We design our foundation irrigation systems so that water gets deep enough to help a foundation.
Our design concentrates water along the edges of a foundation, where it is needed most.  Having a foundation irrigation system installed may be all your foundation needs.
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