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Advanced is always ready to help you with your foundation repair. Get slab and plumbing help from the ground up for  residential and commercial buildings. Have sticking windows or doors? Notice cracks developing in walls? Found moisture on your slab floors? Call Advanced. Our expert foundation inspectors and estimators will recommend quick and easy tips or, if repairs are needed, provide a quote and recommendations for repairs tailored to your home’s needs.

Taking care of residential home foundations & commercial buildings from the foundation up.

Foundation Repair
Foundation Slab Crack Repair
Under Slab Leak Repair
SlabTek® Suspended Slabs
Foundation Maintenance
French Drains & Drainage Solutions
General Plumbing
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Piers to Customized Solutions

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SLAB REPAIR – Do you have concrete foundation slab problems? Notice cracking slabs, vertical cracks, leaks, heaving? Most slab repair companies only have experience working on single family residential structures. At Advanced we repair and supported a wide variety of commercial and, industrial buildings as well as residential homes … more >>
GENERAL PLUMBING SERVICES – Often slab problems come back to plumbing problems. Because Advanced has its own plumbing service, we can save you time and money by coordinating all of your repairs. We can remove and install water heaters, unplug sewer lines, camera inspections of sewer lines, repair and install sinks/tubs/and showers, reroute sewer lines, jetwash sewer lines, plumbing remodeling, repair under slab waterline leaks … more >>
BUILDING DRAINAGE Advanced reviews what drainage solutions you currently have as well measures things such as the slope away from the building. With the survey in hand Advanced outlines a detailed drainage solution customized for your situation … more >>
DIY & INFO WHITEPAPERS: Preparing for Spring Storms: Gutter Downspout Drainage System Tips for Protecting Home Foundations – Get tips on how to figure out if you need a gutter downspout drainage system. Learn how to determine how much guttering and how many downspouts you will need. Get tips on what to do and not do … click to download >>
PRESS RELEASE: EXTERIOR FOUNDATION WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE MOISTURE BARRIERS VS CONCRETE VAPOR BARRIERS (United States, Texas, Dallas) May 30, 2012. Moister barriers are used as a foundation drainage solution. See how foundation waterproofing membrane moisture barriers can help control moisture levels around foundations. Don’t confuse concrete vapor barriers with … continue >>
IRRIGATION SERVICE – Irrigation systems typically do not do a great deal to help foundations. This may seem odd, but it is true. Irrigation systems are designed to keep the top 6 to 10 inches of soil wet enough to support grass, annuals, and small shrubs. They are not designed to get water deep enough to help … more >>